House Head to Toe

This suburban Boston home needed some major changes to move onto a new modern life. The kitchen was completely gutted to the studs, walls were removed, windows were added and lots of problems were fixed. An eclectic mix of materials gave this space a durable and comfortable feeling that reflex the casual life style of the owners. The master suite on the second floor was enhanced by dedicating an unused bedroom as the master closet. A spacious shower looks clean and bright using cost effective materials coupled with creative accents. Keep going up to the third floor where we reworked some of the closet space to fit in a colorful guest bath. A new mudroom leads out to a gracious stair to the back yard. This stair was design to fit with the original house but more spacious. Stop and pick some basil from the custom planter. Builder: Lee Kimball Kitchens, Reading MA, photography by Emily O'Brian.

Leana Taft